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Why You Need An Itinerary For Your Next Uganda Safari

Why You Need An Itinerary For Your Next Uganda safari

Exploring the wonders of Uganda is one of the most beautiful things every traveler enjoys. A Uganda safari adventure is however much more delightful when the traveler engages in all their activities on the safari itinerary. The list of things to do while on a Uganda safari is quite long; game drives, gorilla tracking, chimp tracking, bungee jumping, cultural visits and boat rides among others. To stay on track, have all your activities done and go on with a smooth tour, you need an itinerary for your safari and below are the benefits for it;

Uganda Safari Destination

For better Planning

With an itinerary, you can have everything planned well; when to travel, how many days to spend on the tour, the means of transportation to use during the safari and what to pack. This kind of planning helps a tourist to have a wonderful experience.


An itinerary shows all the “things to do” on the safari including the accommodation to stay at. You can use this to get an estimate of the tour cost. You can tell if it fits your budget and if otherwise, one can simply adjust by reducing on the activities and opting for others or going for cheaper items like budget lodges.

Make the best selection of things to do on safari

Your itinerary will give you an overview of the things to do and places to visit on your Uganda safari. Look through what is on the list and choose what suits your interests. The itinerary helps you make a proper choice of the places to visit and things to do.

Good time management

An itinerary helps a traveler to manage their time well. You will know how much time to allocate for each activity and when to be at specific places. It also helps to easily adjust and keep the itinerary suitable in case of any changes.


Once you receive the itinerary and see which places and what activities included in there, you can go ahead and make research about them. This helps you to prepare and have a hint about the things you will do on the safari. It is good to have knowledge about something before you get there, for example cultural visits where you have to respect the culture of people and also know the dos and don’ts while at the destination.

Important requirements for the tour

An itinerary is a summarized programme of the tour and it indicates almost everything that will be done at the destination. With these, you can tell and also inquire more from your tour operator the important things to carry for the trip, for example documents required for activities like gorilla tracking.

As you plan for your Uganda safari this season, remember to request for a detailed itinerary from your tour operator. At Mumwe Global safaris, we are always ready to offer details of your itinerary so you can plan well for your safari. Contact us today through  or call our travel consultants on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.


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