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Top 4 Rental Cars Ideal For Group Safari In Uganda

Top 4 Rental Cars Ideal for Group Safari in Uganda

Travelling in a group for adventure is one of the best ways you can have extreme fun and connect with people that will shower you with different kinds of moments while on the trip. You will bond with new people, listen to the funniest stories, watch the most excited and the cool people during the trip and so many other things to learn.

Group safaris may involve traveling with family, friends or workmates. Such trips keep you engaged and you will feel safe even when you are in a new place for the very first time. While you think of the best activities to do and book for accommodation, it is equally important to hire a suitable car for the group. Provided the number of people planned to go for the trip, we have rental cars that comfortably take 6 – 28 people. 4X4 safari cars are amazing for Uganda safaris and here we bring you a range from which you can select your best;

Toyota super custom

Also referred to as Hiace, this car is customized for group travel and is perfect for family trips. The 4X4 vehicle is ideal for safaris to national parks and other distant destinations. The car accommodates about 6 people, has enough space for luggage and you can get one with pop up roof. The car also features adjustable seats, wide leg area, air conditioner and a beautiful and comfortable interior. The majority of travelers hire a supercustom van in Uganda for business trips as well leisure.

Safari Land cruiser

Safari land cruiser is manufactured by the leading automobile manufacturer in Japan – Toyota motors. This car comes in two types; the extended land cruiser which accommodates up to 8 people and the shorter land cruiser which takes 5 people. The safari land cruiser is a luxury family car with a cozy interior. It features a wide leg room, air conditioner, wide clear windows and pop up roof.

Some safari land cruisers have inbuilt fridge. The 4X4 car has a spacious cargo space in the rear, so you need not to worry about your big luggage. Because of its luxurious features, the safari land cruiser is one of the most expensive rental cars for safari in Uganda.

Coaster bus

Groups with over 25 people are advised to hire a coaster bus because this makes the trip more cost friendly. The coaster accommodates 28-30 people with enough space for both small and big luggage. It features a TV screen which keeps travellers entertained during travel. Coaster buses are good for safaris for adventure and also students, researchers and people going for conferences.

Safari van

This is the most commonly used safari car for groups in Uganda. The Toyota safari van features full time 4WD mechanism hence ideal for off-road tours. Safari van features a wide interior- with a carrying capacity of 6-9 people, wide leg room and pop up roof. It is one of the best for budget travelers because its rental price is cost friendly.

If you are planning for a group safari in Uganda this season, consider riding in a car that will make the trip really amazing. The above mentioned rental cars for group trips are hired with drivers. These are the best that e recommend bad will surely offer beyond expectation. For car rental inquiries in Uganda, contact us through or speak to our travel consultants through +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.


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