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Why Choose A 4X4 Safari Van For Next Road Trip In Uganda

Why choose a 4X4 Safari Van For Next Road Trip In Uganda

For travelers planning to explore the Pearl of Africa, choosing to go around in 4-wheel drive is a brilliant idea. The 4X4 safari van is one of the best rental cars for hire for road trips in Uganda. They are suitable for family and small group tours to any destination in Uganda. With a 4X4 safari van, you undoubtedly got it all for your Uganda road trip because you will enjoy a number of benefits.

In this article, find reasons why we advise you to hire a safari van in Uganda for your next road trip whether on self drive or guided road trip;


The 4X4 safari van is the most affordable rental car if you are a small group on tour in Uganda. It accommodates more people who share costs of fuel and the driver making the trip more affordable. Safari vans are hired with a chauffeur, prices ranging US$120- US$150 per day.


This safari van is spacious, features cozy seats, a raised roof which make it comfortable all throughout the trip. You can open its wide windows and allow aeration of the fresh natural air to keep the car cool.

Pop up roof        

For travelers going for wildlife safaris in Uganda, a car with a pop-up roof is an important attribute to consider. It helps those on tour to get perfect views of wildlife and the beautiful landscape around parks like Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo national park and Kidepo valley national park. The pop up roof also helps to capture clear and perfect photos of the sightings.

Full time 4×4

The safari van has a full time 4X4 mechanism which enables it to go through rough terrain and remain stable on dirt roads. When travelling in a safari van, you will not worry about change of weather because you can still go through most roads even on a rainy day.


Carrying capacity    

With a carrying capacity of 8 people inclusive of the driver, the 4×4 safari van is ideal for family and small group tours. The car features a wide leg area and enough space for luggage in the rear area plus top of the roof that allows passengers to travel without inconvenience of the cargo.

Travelling with family and friends for safari is the best time to bond and make the best lifetime experience. The above benefits of choosing a safari van for your travel will help enhance your experience. If you are planning for a family or small group this season, book for your 4X4 safari van today through call our reservations desk on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.


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