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6 Easy Ways To Plan A Successful Budget Uganda Safari

6 Easy Ways to Plan a Successful Budget Uganda Safari

A huge number of people wish to travel to Africa and explore its beauty, meet the African people and witness the African lifestyle and watch the abundant wildlife in the African jungles and wilderness making remarkable moments here. However, some of them are limited by the cost of the safaris. With guidance on how you can travel on a budget safari, you can travel to beautiful countries like Uganda and add a thrill to your travel life.

In this post, Mumwe Global Safaris has highlighted tips that will help you plan for a successful budget safari in Uganda this 2022 season.

Go on a group safari

Joining a group is one of the best ways to reduce costs of your Uganda safari. It simply means that you will have shared costs such as fuel, car and guide and sometimes accommodation. The prices of these items are shared amongst the members on the trip making the tour more affordable.

Use cheaper accommodation

One of the major determinants of the price of a Uganda safari is the rate of accommodation. Options include high end, mid-range and budget accommodation. High end safari lodges offer higher quality services with extra offers hence having the highest rates. Just like the name goes, mid-range lodges have their prices being lower than luxury but higher than budget accommodation. Some destinations have the camping option as well.

Book In Advance

Making a reservation saves both time and costs. Most travel services are usually available a year earlier and therefore booking for them about 6 months in advance can help you take advantage of lower fares and reduced costs for logistics and accommodation. You may also want to capitalize on promotions and seasonal discounts offered by tour operators and travel agencies when booking.

Carefully choose your destinations

Uganda is one of the best safari destinations for a variety of activities. It has ten national parks each with something unique and many other places for cultural tours, adventure and culinary experiences among others which offer many alternatives for tourists. When planning for a Uganda safari, make research about the different destinations and you can choose an itinerary that combines destinations that suit your budget and interest.

Travel during the low season

Uganda, just like other most other African safari destinations are open for tourism all year round. If you are looking to travel on a tight budget, the low season would be the best time for you. This is when tourists are fewer and therefore most services have been discounted. The low season happen to be the rainy season. It is mostly characterized with rain showers or drizzles but you will still have some sunshine. The low season comes in during the wet season in the months of April, May and June plus September and October.

However, note that the season gives minimal chances of seeing large herds of animals.

Bargain with your tour operator

After being offered a quote for your Uganda safari, it is fine to request for a discount from your tour operator. You can ask them to reduce the price of the quote to where your budget fits. Alternatively, you can go with a tour operator who offers the least price of the safari but considering honesty from the service provider.

Have few destinations on your itinerary 

Once again, Uganda has several tourist destinations including ten national parks, over 10 wildlife reserves, 13 wildlife sanctuaries, and interesting historic, cultural and natural sites among others not leaving out the adventurous Jinja town. These offer a range of things to do on a Uganda safari. While selecting the things you want to do on your trip, it is advisable to pick few destinations to stay within your budget.

Hopefully, this insight gives more insight on how you can get to your dream destination at your budget’s capacity. If you are planning for a Uganda safari this season, feel free to seek travel advice from us. Simply send an email to or call us on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.

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