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Top Things To Do At Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Top Things To Do At Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Stretching from the northwestern part to the middle-western region, primate lovers have a variety of forests to track and see chimpanzees in Uganda but there is only one orphanage sanctuary for them – Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary. The island is tucked in away in Lake Victoria’s northwestern corner of this fresh water lake. Ngamba Island is one of the flourishing archipelagos of Ssese on the large lake.

The sanctuary was started in 1998 with the main purpose to rescue orphaned and confiscated chimpanzees from poachers plus those that are found homeless. Ngamba island sanctuary sits on 95 acres of open forest habitat. A large enclosure was built next to the forest to allow the chimps freely move around the open area or play in the adjacent forest. Today, Ngamba Island is home to over 40 chimpanzees and this is one of the best places to watch these playful and impressive primates.

An excursion or an overnight stay at Ngamba Island gives an opportunity to engage in a number of exciting activities; here are some of the things to do at the sanctuary;

The exclusive chimpanzee experience

When you arrive at Ngamba island sanctuary, you are given a chimpanzee caregiver who will be your guide on your personal tour throughout. They feed the chimps while you watch and get an insight of their feeding behavior. Fruits and vegetables are thrown within in the enclosure and tourists watch the chimps feed from a raised viewing platform. You will also participate in the chimp environmental enrichment and monitor chimpanzee behaviors.

Volunteering experiences

Chimpanzees are the closest relatives to humans and they surely deserve to be treated nice. You can make a difference in the lives of these primates by engaging in their welfare. You can engage in preparing their food, clean the surrounding, do some record keeping and do community work. This kind of direct support to the conservation of chimps is fascinating.


If you are a lover of water sports, then you have something interesting to do here – fishing. Take on a fishing cruise on Lake Victoria to go and hook the Nile perch which is one of the largest fresh water fish in the world. With our certified trained skippers who intimately know the lake, expect an exciting experience of fishing. Fishing cruises here take 4 – 8 hours of the adventure.

The wildlife Hide

To see some of the wildlife at Ngamba Island, you will get engaged into a nature experience of viewing them. The activity allows you to spot different species of birds and the spotted necked Otters, Nile monitor lizards and Mangoose among others.

Cultural performances

Cultural performances are arranged by bonfire in the night at Ngamba Island. This is an opportunity to get an insight and be entertained by Ugandan culture. The activity involves cultural dance and drama, storytelling and other performances.

Other things you can go for at Ngamba Island include study trips, sunset cruise on Lake Victoria and team building activities.

What is the best time to visit Ngamba Island?

The best time to go to Ngamba island is during the dry season (June – October and January-February). During this period, there are very small chances of rain.

Mumwe Safaris Uganda is an expert organizer for Uganda safaris and can customize your trip with a visit to Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary. You can as well book full chimpanzee safari at Kibale forest fro an exclusive and more wild adventure. Contact us today to help you with arrangements for your upcoming trip in Uganda. Send an email to or speak to our travel consultants through +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.

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