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Nshenyi Cultural Village Experience – All You Need To Know

Nshenyi Cultural Village Experience – All You Need To Know

Visiting and staying in Nshenyi village is the best way to have an insightful experience of the Ankole cultural encounter. The cultural village straddles at the center of three countries; Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Uganda is an incredible East African country in the world worth a visit, great for cultural tours because of its rich culture due to the long list of tribes it houses, each with unique norms, beliefs and traditions. The Banyankole is one of the tribes of the Bantu ethnic group which comprises of several tribes in Uganda and is one of the few that has preserved its culture. Nshenyi always waits to offer an introduction and details of the Ankole culture.

If you want to know more about the Ankole culture in Uganda, a visit to Nshenyi village is the place to go.


History of Nshenyi

Nshyenyi was one of the six independent kingdoms that were established after the fall of the Kingdom of Mpororo in 1752. It was ruled by the Omukama and in 1901; it became a part of the Kingdom of Ankole which was an ancient Ugandan kingdom that encompassed areas of Igara, Sheema, Bweju and parts of Mpororo. Later on, it became a cultural center, serving as a hub for community tourism. Today, Nshenyi is being promoted as a homestead where visitors can experience the culture and way of life of the Ankole people.

Location of Nshenyi village

Nshenyi cultural village is located in Kitwe in Ntungamo District in western Uganda. Today, it is a cultural village located about 10 kilometers away from Uganda’s border with Rwanda and Tanzania. Driving from Ntungamo town to Nshenyi cultural village takes about 30 minutes and about an hour when driving from Mbarara.

Nshenyi cultural village is a pastoralist area situated in scenic terrain-rolling hills with savannah grasslands and numerous acacia trees. The breathtaking environment is good for visitors who want to experience fresh air in an African traditional setting.

At this place, a number of activities take place including cattle rearing. Staying at the village also gives an authentic experience of the pastoralist way of living in Uganda.

What to do at Nshenyi Cultural Village

After traveling say from Kampala or other destinations for different activities, most times the first night at Nshenyi is to settle and rest. And then the next day starts with morning activities like milking cows and engaging in breakfast preparation.

A visit to Nshenyi means enjoying the clean fresh air, spending a moment with beautiful people with a preserved culture and delighting in the scenic views of region. Here are some of the things you can do in Nshenyi;

Learn how milking is done

Since the Banyankole are cattle keepers and pastoralists, they normally have ranches of cows. In Uganda, the Ankole region is the one that supplies the country with milk. At Nshenyi cultural village, visitors have a chance to watch how milking is done, and can also participate in the activity actively. From the milk produced, you will enjoy a cup of fresh African tea. This milk is from the long-horned cows, a unique breed of cows on the continent.

Participate in cooking traditional local meals

One of the things to look out for in Uganda is its food. It has a great cuisine from the wide variety of foods produced in the country. While at Nshenyi, you can take part in cooking some of the meals the traditional way including cooking mashed banana/ matooke and other foods. Thereafter, you will enjoy this meal, which is also highly fresh and nutritional since it is not yet processed.

Making banana beer and juice

A taste of banana juice and beer is one of the best you will ever have. These local drinks are made locally at Nshenyi, from banana and other items like grass and banana leaves. Banana juice is made by stomping the bananas using the feet.

Sing and dance with the Ankole traditional dancers

Traditional music and dances are enjoyable more so when you physically meet the participants. This is a chance for you to watch these locals dance to the slow tones of the songs and take on the lovely dance strokes.

Other things to do at Nshenyi cultural village include;

  • Visiting the Batwa community
  • Hiking e uphill to meet local farmers
  • Learn and see how honey is processed
  • Nature walks around the farm
  • Participate in tree planting
  • Bird watching
  • visit a local school

Nshenyi cultural village is highly recommended for tourists looking for an authentic cultural experience in western Uganda. While there, you will visit and stay in traditional huts and bands whose sanitation is well maintained. To add Nshenyi village tour to your itinerary, contact us through or speak to our travel consultants at +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.

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