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Intresting Facts You Need To Know About The Uganda Culture

Intresting Facts You Need To Know About The Uganda Culture


The Ugandan Culture in the Pearl of Africa is blessed with enormous ethnic groups that speak different languages. Luganda is the most common language spoken, and English is the main language others include; the Bantu group which occupies the big portion in Uganda, Nilotic, Swahili, and Olumasaba. It is important to note the Bantu is the largest ethnic group and this takes up the biggest portion of the Pearl of Africa. You find many Bantu dominating the central, eastern, western as well as southern region. However, the Northern region is home to Resorts, Langi, Karamojong, Acholi, plus the Lugbaras, and many others.

The Ugandan Population is mainly dominated many by the youth the younger people – thus the country is ranked and known as the youngest nation in the world. Right away from the time visiting Uganda, you be amazed and shocked that almost half of the total population are the age 16 year years yet the kids are more compared to the adults.

One Man's Dream to Preserve Ugandan Culture through Traditional Dance, Music and FoodReligion

With no doubt 85.2% of the population of Uganda are Christians. Muslims make up 12% of the Uganda Population, You as well come across some Hindus and Sikhs


In terms of sports, Football is their favorite game, and the Uganda cranes are the famous club name in Uganda. On a sad note, Uganda Cranes have never qualified for the FIFA World Cup. Football is followed by Cricket and this has ever been a success in Cricket World Cup in the Year 1975. however, fortunately, the Olympics commonwealth games have made Uganda famous in athletics plus boxing with about 39 medals won.

Ugandan Food

Top 20 Foods in Uganda Every Tourist Should Taste - AfricaOTRBananas are also referred to as Matooke and this is the most enjoyed food delicacy in Uganda. Looking at the world statics, Uganda is ranked among the leading top Matooke exporters in the entire world. The biggest percentage of households in Uganda survive their family on Matooke plus posho. Although you find other food staffs namely; Sweet Potatoes, groundnuts, cassava, millet, vegetables and fresh fruits among others. On a cultural Roundtrip in Uganda, you grab the chance to taste local drinks like Kate, Mubisi, Malwa, Bushera,  Akaliga, and others.


In Uganda, clothing depends on the season and various occasions, almost in the entire country, the traditional official wear for ladies from different parts of the country is Gomesi, Mushana, and Kitengesand. Whilst the men wear, Kanzus and suits which is the popular attire all over the country. This is commonly exhibited all over the introduction of Marriage ceremonies locally known as Kwanjula.

Transportation in Uganda

Uganda has both public and private taxis which are common means of transport. In addition to this, you find public and private motorcycle taxis that can take you around your preferred destination. As you take a ride around the Pearl of Africa, you come to notice that public taxis are mini buses marked with blue and white squares although private taxis also feature the squares they are found in different colors.  The country also features private motorcycle taxis Bodapopularly as Boda- Bodas can be used almost everywhere and they feature green and orange helmets as well as gears. As you explore Kampala, you can find the public taxis in the old and new taxi parks.

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