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A Complete Guide To Self Drive Safari In Uganda

A Complete Guide to Self Drive Safari in Uganda

Going on safari in Africa is one of the best things you will ever experience as a travel enthusiast. However, note that there are different ways you can traverse the continent hence the different types of safaris. Today, self drive safaris are on the rise and tourists can take on this adventure around many safari destinations in Africa like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia and Madagascar among others.

While on self drive safari in Uganda just like other mentioned destinations, it’s the tourist that is behind the wheels, navigating through to each of the places on the bucket list. However, as you plan to go for your upcoming self drive safari, there are a number of things you need to know that will help you have a successful safari. Here is a complete guide to self drive in Uganda;

Essential skills                  

It would be a huge risk to get on the wheels for self drive without basics required for driving; mechanics, off road driving techniques and navigation. While on a self drive safari in Uganda to national parks and other remote areas, off road driving techniques are much important because the roads are not as smooth as the highways and city roads. Drivers also need basics of mechanics which will help them in case of small car issues more so when far from the concerned service providers. Skills regarding navigation will help travellers easily get to their destinations and this also saves time.

Know your destination routes

Uganda is somewhat a small country but with many interesting safari destinations that can easily be accessed on self drive. With most of the safari destinations packed in the western and southwestern regions of the country, your Uganda self drive safari will take you driving from Kampala through Mbarara for a wildlife experience at Lake Mburo national park and proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable national park for the exhilarating gorilla trekking experience and thereafter connect to Queen Elizabeth national park for game viewing. This western chain of safari destinations is made complete with a visit to Semuliki national park, Kibale national park and places around Fort Portal tourism city.

What’s more to this is that for a more adventurous self drive safari in Uganda, travelers can head to the far northeast and get lost in the true wilderness- Kidepo valley national park. Adding this park to your road trip makes the safari longer, tougher but much more rewarding for adventurers.

Get a travel companion

Traveling solo in Africa comes out perfect and enjoyable as long as you have highly reliable current information and also you must be strong hearted. However, most solo travelers in Africa travel on guided tours. Therefore for one to go for self drive, you need a companion to share the travel experience with. It necessarily does not have to be a large group, family or your partner but rather a person you really find perfect as a travel partner. You need someone to share with instantly your immediate funny thought and one with whom you will take pictures endlessly.


A lot has been said about how unsafe Africa is especially to the outside world. However, the continent is safer that you can ever expect and you have got to feel at home while your trip. Regardless, plan for security as part of your safari. Also, note that non-violent theft is on the rise in most countries while also some places are well known for criminal offenses like robbery and street crime. Remote areas are still potential places for violent theft. As you take on your self drive safari in Uganda, ensure to read about the safety tips while on safari in the country and these will help you ready up. If you have hired your safari car from a local car rental company in Uganda, ask for guidance regarding security and they will offer a briefing that will help you stay safe both in town and national parks.

Self driving in Africa is not something you will rise up to one morning and get going; an environment that is unusual for foreigners heading for safari. Rather, you got to prepare, plan and know what you need to make your safari smooth. With the above highlights to guide you through self driving in Africa, you can plan for your next road trip with confidence. Self drive in Uganda is one not to miss out! To hire a car, book a safari or other inquiries regarding safari, contact us through  or call +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.

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