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Top 5 Rental Cars Ideal For A Gorilla Safari in Uganda

Top 5 Rental cars Ideal for a gorilla safari in Uganda

Are you planning to embark on a self drive or guided gorilla safari in Uganda this holiday? The Pearl of Africa is the proud home to Bwindi forest, home to over half the population of last surviving mountain gorillas in the world. It is located in the southwestern region of Uganda and it hosts about 20 habituated gorilla families ready for gorilla tourism throughout the year to all tourists.

It is paramount to note that for the success of your dream gorilla safari in Uganda, we argue you to get the best car rental to take you to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park for a gorilla safari experience. On your gorilla safari in Uganda, you need a strong safari vehicle that can withstand all rough conditions of the roads regardless of the weather conditions.

When you hire a 4×4 safari vehicle for your gorilla safari you need a car that offers you comfort and rewarding adventure of a lifetime. Here at Mumwe Global Safaris, we offer a wide range of car rentals, the cars hired for Uganda safari are different from the cars that drive executive delegates taking them to luxury hotels or a couple driving them for a romantic dinner.

4 Best Cars To Hire For Camping Safari In UgandaTop 5 Rental cars ideal for gorilla safari road trip in Uganda

Toyota Rav4

The Toyota Rav4 is one of the best Japanese automobiles that is a compact SUVs. The car is an extremely comfortable car consisting of a 1990 cc wit ha  strong engine that can give you a drive at any place. Our Toyota Rav4 features 3 to 5 doors and renrentst out both Manual and automatic transmission. For all travelers planning a gorilla safari in Uganda, rent a Toyota Rav4, it is one of the top ideal cars to take you to Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park for the awesome gorilla adventure in Uganda. The Car has a low cost Maintenance and a reliable fuel mileage. The Toyota Rav4 is the best car for a couple or a group of about 3 people that would love to explore Uganda. The Toyota Rav4 has the ability to carry about 5 passengers people. The car is hired at as low as 45 USD per day.

Toyota Land cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is known as one of the most famous 4×4 Safari vehicles that are commonly rented for gorilla safaris in Uganda. They are usually hired out a driver. Other 4×4 station wagon vehicles of this category recommended for a gorilla safari include; LX Landcruiser, VX Land cruiser, Extended Land cruisers, Nissan Patrol, Land Cruiser 5 seater and GX Land cruiser among others.  they are usually strong vehicles with ability to navigate through all roads of Africa.

Hiace Van or Minibus

The Minibus is one of the best rental car ideal for a gorilla safari in Uganda. This safari van is suitable for large group travelers and it carries a capacity of about 9-10 people. It has a massive space for all your cargo and this depending on the number of days you plan to spent on your gorilla safari since the more the number of days, the more the luggage you need for your safari. Minibus is available for both automatic or manual transmission with the ability to navigate through all roads in Uganda.

Toyota Prado

The Toyota Prado is another popular 4×4 safari car that can be ideal car for a gorilla safari in Uganda on a chauffeur driven offer. Some of the categories of a Toyota Prado include; TX Prado, TZ, SX, EX as well as the 3 litre Turbo. The Toyota Prado has enough space, camping gears and it is a luxurious vehicle suitable to navigate through national parks of Uganda. You can get a Toyota Prado at as low as 60 USD per person per day exclusive of fuel or a driver.

Super custom

The super custom is a great car deal for a gorilla safari in Uganda recommended for family travelers or group travelers. They carry a capacity of about 5-7 people and with the ability to manage long distances and the poor road networks of the parks. The safari vehicle features a enough space, sliding windows and roofs or pop up roofs which allows you enjoy clears views of the mesmerizing landscape of the Pearl of Africa.

With Mumwe Global Safaris, we offer a wide range of rental car that can be great option for your gorilla safari in Uganda. For more information regarding which car you need for your gorilla tour in Uganda, contact our travel experts on or directly call the reservations team on +256-700135510 or Tel +256-414699459.



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