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Useful Money Tips To Follow For A Successful Uganda Safari

Useful Money Tips To Follow For A Successful Uganda Safari

Our money tips on a Uganda safari allows you to know and learn the Ugandan currency. You can get to understand the banknotes, coins, and exchange rates and also get exposed to shillings the Ugandan currency. You are advised to carry your ATM and credit card with you if you are coming for an Uganda safari.

Money tips for Uganda safari

Uganda’s official currency is called the shillings but the US Dollar is the one used in commerce and Tourism. You are recommended to come with the Dollars and exchange them in Uganda at your convenient forex bureau since they are scattered everywhere in the city with different exchange rates.

Travelers should move with credit cards especially visa cards since they are accepted in many areas like safari lodges, hotels, supermarkets, and other places. You can also use the Master cards and the credit cards but credit cards come with an extra charge of 5% and above to bridge the gap incurred by the traders in the banks. Traveler’s cheques are not advised because forex bureaus don’t accept them hence giving you hard time on an Uganda safari.

Uganda Money information and tips you need to know while planning a safari - Bwindi Forest National Park

You have to walk with some cash in local currency to avoid the possible inconveniences at some points and overcharges. Some business entities use local currencies others use dollars so to be on the safer side you have to move with both the local currency and the dollars for instance when buying items in supermarkets and markets you need to use shillings while if dealing with safari companies, airlines, national parks, some hotels among the rest you need dollars.

When exchanging the dollars, you have to check out for the last rates because these forex bureaus have different forex exchange rates. so you have to ask your driver-guide to take you to those areas where they have better exchange rates.

Stability of the Uganda currency

The Uganda shilling is always stable and its conversion rate floats against the foreign currency on the world market. so you can exchange your foreign money for shillings in Uganda and pay for your products and services anywhere in Uganda on a Uganda safari.

How much money to carry on a Uganda safari

There is no way we can tell you the specific amount of money to carry with you on an Uganda safari simply because we don’t know your likely interests and spending. Though we can plan this for you in advance only if you draw up for us the expected list of the extra stuff you would like to spend on so that we can gauge for you the likely cost. You can add some extra percentage to the estimated money so that to draw close to enough figure.

Money on a Uganda Safari — Everything you need to knowYou should also carry money depending on your financial management and expenditure rate. If you are a poor financial manager then we advise you to carry little cash with you to avoid refraining yourself. Carry which is enough to buy what you want and also to tip without going off-budget. We also recommend you carry your credit card as a backup tool in case you run out of cash.

Safety on a Uganda safari

Is it safe to carry money on an Uganda safari? It is yes.

Is it advisable to carry a lot of money on a safari? Not. Large sums of money may cause you problems since we can’t tell the type of people you may meet during your Uganda safari. If you want to carry large sums of money, you have to make sure you keep it tight minus drawing it closer to people’s sight to attract their attention. so we recommend you to divide it into two portions the bigger one and the small portion such that if you want to buy something especially, on the way you use the small portion.

We also advise you not to leave your large sums of money in the lodge or hotel of stay. You have to walk with all your valuables to avoid the misplacements and losing them such as your cash, bank cards, and passports among others.

You can inform your bank at home to allow you access to your account even though outside the country so that not to register any transaction you make as a fraud or deny access. It’s the only simple way the bank can help you in that case of money during your safari in Uganda.

Current Uganda Banknotes

  • 50,000 shillings
  • 20,000 shillings
  • 10,000 shillings
  • 5,000 shillings
  • 2,000 shillings
  • 1,000 shillings

Current Uganda coins

  • 1,000 shillings
  • 500 shillings
  • 200 shillings
  • 100 shillings

In a nutshell, this article gives you the highlights you have to know as far as money is concerned on an Uganda safari. We assure you the above information will help you plan your safari and most importantly enjoy it at its best. You can get in touch with us to assist you to book a Uganda Safari, send an email to or call us now at +256-700135510 to reserve your safari now



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