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All To Know About Kazinga Channel Community Boat Cruise

All To Know About Kazinga Channel Community Boat Cruise

Famously known as the Community Boat Cruise in Queen Elizabeth national park, this is a water tour that is conducted on Kazinga channel to explore the park’s semi-aquatic and land wildlife. Kazinga channel is a somewhat long stream of water that links two lakes George and Edward. This water stream itself is one of the top attractions and is known for its richness in terms of wildlife as well as its lovely landscape. Going for the boat cruise is a perfect way to explore what the channel hosts; the mammals, birds and the scenery around it plus meeting with the local people. A guided safari to Queen Elizabeth national park is never complete without a boat cruise as you get a chance to encounter water mammals & birds.

Queen Elizabeth national park is a wonderful spot for water tours; its main locations for boat cruise include Kazinga channel and Lake Edward. With more than three providers of these water tours in the park, the community boat cruise boasts the most affordable yet easily accessible. These factors and more are some of the reasons for you to try the Kazinga channel community boat cruise.

Price of the community boat cruise in Kazinga Channel

For tourists looking for budget boat cruise tours, the community boat cruise is the activity to go for. A ticket to access the boat for the trip costs $25 only for each individual. The minimum number of visitors required to go for the boat cruise is two people. If you are one and need the boat to set off right away, then you will be required to cover the cost of the second person and the boat can set off.

At what time is the community boat cruise conducted?

The community boat cruise of Queen Elizabeth national park does not have a fixed schedule for operation. Trips are done depending on the on availability of visitors. Once visitors arrive at the docking area, payments are made, tickets are offered and next is to get on the boat for the trip.

It is also recommended to book for the trip to be on the safe side of time management of your safari. It is also advisable to arrive at the boat docking site early enough- 20- 30 minutes before the agreed time of the boat cruise.

Boat trips of the community boat cruise start at 8 am up to 7 pm every day.

The boat experience of the Community Boat Trip

As earlier said, Kazinga channel is a rich wildlife spot with numerous hippos, crocodiles, birds, buffaloes and the greenery surrounding it. The 2 hours boat cruise gives an opportunity to those on the boat to see wildlife at a close range. The boat cruise is conducted by experienced local guides from the local communities. You will be amazed by their deep information telling more about the history of the channel and other surroundings.

How to access Kazinga Channel Community Boat Cruise

The community boat cruise starts at Katunguru Bridge, at the Kasese- Mbarara highway. It is an hour’s drive journey from Kasese town to Katunguru. All lodges around Queen Elizabeth national park offer a boat cruise and you can get to this point from your lodge in few minutes. Lodges close to Katunguru include; Marafiki safari lodge, Simba safari lodge, Park View Lodge, Kingfisher lodge and Kasenyi safari camp among others.

What is the best time for boat cruise safaris on Kazinga Channel?

The best time for boat safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park is the dry season (December to February and June to August). This is because there is little or no rainfall during this time of the year. Rainy days of the wet season are most likely to interfere with the boat cruise experience.  Wildlife and scenery views are perfect during the dry season.

The community boat cruise is an amazing yet cheaper way to explore both Kazinga channel and Queen Elizabeth national park. To book a safari to Queen Elizabeth park for boat cruise on Kazinga channel, simply get in touch with us through or call our travel consultants on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459.

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