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How Much Does An African Safari Cost?

How Much Does an African Safari Cost?

Now that most of the restrictions for covid-19 have been eased and travel has got back almost to normal, this could be the time you have been long waiting for; to go and experience what the wilderness and tropical jungle forests have to offer, sit back at the lodge private veranda and watch over plains at a glance and perhaps spend your night in a camp feeling the typical treat of the jungle. With enormous imaginations of all this and more, you could be wondering how much an Africa safari costs. And yes, it is important to understand estimates of the cost of any trip before you go for it. In this article, we will help you get an idea of how much you need to plan for.

Factors that influence the cost of an African safari

Note that the cost of an African safari is dependent on a number of factors and some of these affect the price highly while others have a small impact. They include;

  • The number of days of the safari – the length of your safari is one of the main factors that impact safari cost because it increases the services used on the safari. In other words, one more day calls for another night for accommodation and other services.
  • Time you want to travel- African destinations especially national parks have a time when most activities are more rewarding and better done than in other seasons. During this season, tourist numbers are higher hence are more hence higher prices for some services.
  • Destinations you want to visit and activities you want to do- it is well known that there are some countries in Africa that are more expensive for safari compared to others. Also specific destinations within a given country and activities to do affect the price of a safari, for example in Uganda, in Uganda, gorilla trekking is one of those activities that highly raise the cost of the safari.
  • The type of accommodation you want to use – accommodation takes up the highest share each day of the safari. There are different types of accommodation at safari destinations in Africa and they range from budget camping to luxury safari lodges and tented camps which are the most expensive.

Africa’s most well-known parts for safaris are Southern Africa and East Africa. In this article we are highlighting East African safari destinations; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Cost of a Kenya safari

This is a popular choice for many tourists from different parts of the world. It offers classic wildlife safaris to its national parks including Nairobi national park, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru national park and Amboseli national park among others which show off the beauty of the country. It is known for its abundant wildlife, interesting culture and scenic landscape. The great migration is a no miss out on a Kenya safari.

When planning for a safari to Kenya, be aware of costs including national park fees, accommodation, road transfers and bush flight transfers which are normally included in the price quote. Kenya safaris cost around $2500 per person for a trip of two people.

Cost of a Tanzania safari

Located in the South of Kenya, this is where the Great wildebeest migration starts and ends. The journey commences in Serengeti -Tanzania and the animals go through their usual routes through Masai Mara- Kenya and back to Tanzania. There is more than just the great migration in Tanzania but also expect to see the cats, encounter people of a preserved culture and relax at the contagious beaches. If you do not want to sit for long when transferring from one national park to another, then you will surely have to consider domestic flights. When planning for a Tanzania safari, note that a fully inclusive safari will range from around $800 per person.

Cost of a Rwanda safari

Today Rwanda has grown in terms of tourism and is one of the best African countries for different kinds of travel from religious tourism, adventure, history, dark tourism to wildlife safaris. Rwanda is also popular for luxury gorilla trekking and a gorilla permit goes for US$1,500 per person per trek. Safaris including gorilla trekking in Rwanda will cost higher than those exclusive of the adventure. Plan for US$1500+ if your tour does not include gorilla trekking and around US$2200 if you want to trek gorillas.

Cost of a Uganda safari

Another upcoming safari destination is Uganda. It is not yet traversed enough as the greater Kenya and Tanzania destinations, and therefore one of the best countries to visit. Most visited for gorilla trekking, Uganda is a great destination to watch the majestic mountain gorillas face to face. This landlocked country has ten national parks which offer wonderful wildlife and primate safaris. For travelers planning for Uganda safaris & excursion this season, we recommend a budget of not less than US$1500 per person considering an average of 5 days tour including gorilla trekking and wildlife tour.

To add in to your overall budget, there are a number of other additional costs some of which are a must while you may forego others. They include the international flights, visa costs, tips and travel insurance.

Once you decide which country to go to for your safari this season, contact us and get your safari arranged based on your most interests. For more information and bookings simply send us an email on  or call us directly on +256-700135510/ +256-414699459


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