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Elections In Uganda And The State Of Tourism In Uganda

Elections In Uganda And The state of Tourism In Uganda

Uganda the Pearl of Africa held its presidential and the parliament leaders’ elections on the 14th January 2021. Away from the expected riots and tension from the citizens, the elections turned out to be very peaceful and transplant. This kind of manner has given thumbs up for the state of the country on daily business to run and other sectors like tourism in Uganda. The incumbent president Yoweri Museveni won the sixth term against his opposition member in a very tough and tight competition.

Members of the ruling party the NRM did make celebration around the country with big wins whereas the opposition members still feel dissatisfied with the results. Although some people are not happy with the results, they have chosen to keep peace and handle the political issue in a calm way. A number of peace keeping bodies have been seen around major cities and towns in the country to make sure there is no room for riots and protect the country from any mess. Uganda today is among the top tourism destinations in the whole of Africa and East Africa with awesome tourist sites and very affordable rates for all activities and safari lodges.

With the ongoing pandemic of the covid-19, still the country has done its best to make sure that the spread is not rampant and there are no signs of any future lock down. There are a number of visitors coming in the country for various safari activities from different parts of the world although the number is not quite small compared to  those that used to  visit the country  in the previous years. It is evident that tourists have not failed to visit the country because of the elections but because of the covid-19 pandemic. Uganda is still peaceful and open for safaris to various destinations either on guided trips or self drive safaris all year round.

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