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Dian Fossey Hiking Experience In Rwanda

Dian Fossey Hiking Experience in Rwanda

Hiking to the Dian Fossey Tomb has become one of the thrilling safari activities enjoyed by numerous travelers that travel to Volcanoes national park in Rwanda for the gorilla trekking tours. The Hiking experience is inclusive of the 30 minutes’ drive that you spend while transferring to the park headquarters as well as at the starting point of the head trail. On your hiking trip enjoy an overnight stay at Karisoke Rest Camp where you enjoy a short leisure walk to the park border for about 10 minutes. A Hike to the Dian Fossey grave from the border takes you about one hour and half hours. The Hiking takes you through forest that offers you spectacular scenic views numerous attractions such as; wonderful animals like the forest elephants, forest Hogs, primates as well as colorful birdlife thus making the hiking experience to Dian Fossey Gravy extremely adventurous.

Dian Fossey Hiking safari can be extremely rewarding lifetime experience immediately you step your foot on the tomb which is physically, intellectually and physically inspiring to learn more about Dian Fossey who committed her life towards the conservation of the Endangered Mountain gorillas in their natural environment. She died after her 18 years of research and conservation thus living behind the legacy that still exists as a tourist attraction in the Land of a thousand Hills.  It is important to plan for the endurance as well as some level of Flexibility to achieve the success of hiking tour.

The Hiking trip allows you to encounter with the endangered Mountain gorillas which is a great achieved credited due to the amazing conservation efforts of Dian Fossey who decided to spend her entire life in protecting the wonderful creatures.

The hiking trial takes to the site house where Dian Fossey was murdered in the year 1985. She was therefore buried close to her friend plus other gorillas that had died due to poaching or any illness. You get a chance to learn more about the mysterious killing of the this hero whose murder is assumed to have been as a result of her devotion towards serving the mountain gorillas. Before her death Dian Fossey left behind a film and books known as “Gorilla in the Mist”, Portrays her person life about dealing with the gorillas in their natural habitant and how she was devoted to her work of conservation.

It is also important to note hiking Dian Fossey grave is one of optional complementary activities which can add be added to your gorilla adventure trip coexisting together with other activities such as; Golden Monkey trekking, Volcano hiking, hike to the Musanze caves as well as a visit to the twin lakes of Bulera and Buhondo.

What is required for the Dian Fossey hiking trip

Hiking Dian Fossey doesn’t require experienced hikers and the activity is not strenuous as hiking the virunga volcanoes ranges in Volcanos national park. However it requires some level of physical fitness since the hiking is steep and tiresome. the round trip of hiking Dian Fossey takes you about 1-3 hours depending on the hiking pace and level of fitness. As you plan hiking tour, don’t forget your hiking gum, boots and gloves to support your movement in the muddy and slippery grounds especially during the wet season. Don’t forget to pack Hiking gears like the long sleeved shirts top and trousers to avoid the wild insect bites.

Dian Fossey Hiking Permit

To hike to the grave of Dian Fossey, you are required to purchase the Dian Fossey hiking permit which costs 75 USD per person, don’t forget to carry your valid travel document like a valid passport. The permits can be acquired on the day of hiking from Karisoke Research Centre. Hiking Dian Fossey grave exposes you to a satisfactory unforgettable experience about how this Hero lived her life with a total commitment and desired efforts of conserving and protecting the endangered mountain Gorillas in the Jungle. For information about Dian Fossey hiking safari  send our reservation team an inquiry at or call us on +256-700135510 or Tel +256-414699459.

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