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Behind The Scene Tour Of Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Behind The Scene Tour Of Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Behind the scene is a newly introduced activity at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre aka Entebbe Zoo. This activity gives tourists a chance to interact closely with different animals at UWEC as they study more about their interesting lifestyle plus exciting stories of their behavior. During this activity enjoy observing their routine activities right away from the time they wake up until they retire to rest. This kind of adventure at the Entebbe zoo is extremely rewarding and you cant make it possible on a standard Uganda tour. At the end of this experience, you surely appreciate the hard work done by the caretakers of the Entebbe zoo and also enjoy unforgettable memories that remind you about your tour at the zoo.

This experience at Entebbe Zoo is divided into three categories namely; the vet for the day experience, the keeper’s guided tour as well as the keeper for a day experience. Anyone interested to take participating in the behind scene tour he/she is required to pay a fee of $70 per person.

What happens in the behind the scenes experience

Keeper for a day experience

This option requires you to work more with the animals and offers more opportunity to experience what exactly caretakers go through to save the life of the animals at the centre. It begins with an early briefing with the keepers, then get the food the animals ready, load it into the tractor and then drop the food to the different enclosures of the animal. You participate in serving the animals food as you learn more about their signs of stress or sickness. Here you get a chance to get close to the lions or pythons. If by chance there is a rescued or injured animal you get chance to involve in the rehabilitation process. The experience is charged $150 per person.


Keeper’s guided tour

Here you have sighed a caretaker at the zoo, he/she shares all information about the UWEC before taking you for a tour to the animals in their enclosures. Expect to visit all the animal sections as well as the staff premises plus their private facilities. You sigh stunning wildlife like charlie- the elephant, Albert-the giraffe, Kabira the lion, Ndugu- the chimpanzees, sushi the shoebill stork among others. This experience takes about 3 hours and it has generally little energy involved in the work. This tour can be done either in morning hours or the afternoon hours, however the best to enjoy the keeper’s guide tour is during the morning hours. For long lasting memories don’t forget to carry cameras plus enough well charged batteries. This tour is charged $40 per person.


The Vet for the day Experience

This option is open to all travelers and it is monitored by the resident veterinary doctor, it also begins with breifying and then later the animal doctor take you through the animal enclosure for a routine health checks. You get chance to observe how health checks to these animals are done, if there are sighs of sickness, you as well get involved in transporting the animal to the sick room rest or holding facility for further care and examination. Grab chance to tour the animal pharmacy with strict rules and regulations followed. Extraordinary hygiene is required in this place to prevent the animal infections. For you to take part in this activity, you need to make advance booking and also expect to undertake several health examinations, you have to be vaccinated against diseases like tuberculosis, Polio, Measles, Hepatitis A and B at least two weeks before coming close to the animal.


Entrance fees at the zoo

Besides behind the scene prices, every visitor to UWEC is required to pay an  entrance fee of $15 per adult (international tourists) $10 per child whilst Ugandans pay 10,000 Uganda shillings per adult and 5000 Uganda shilling per child. It is important to note that there is a separate rate for students who visit the Entebbe Zoo. In case you would love to take a video at UWEC then you are required to pay 10,000 Uganda shillings. All vehicles are charged a parking fee of 2000 Uganda shillings.


Opening hours

The Uganda wildlife Education Centre is one of the interesting tourism site in Uganda that is open to all tourists throughout the year from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Once it is beyond 6:00 pm you won’t be given access to this place, for a perfect experience, we advise that you visit by 4:00 pm and trust me you wont regret every dollar spent on your road trip to the Entebbe Zoo.


To book a behind the scene tour at the Entebbe zoo, simply get in touch with us by sending an email to or call us now on 0700135510/ +256-414699459 to speak directly to our reservations personnel.

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