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Nyungwe Forest National Park is located south west of Rwanda making border with Burundi where it is adjoining with Kibira National park in Burundi. The park is approximately 237km and about 5hrs by road from Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. Nyungwe rain forest is one of the best conserved montane rainforests in Central Africa featuring some of the best primate trekking safaris in the whole of East Africa. Rwanda is covered is with very many hills and it is with that it is called the land of a thousand hills, enjoy a beautiful safari  to  Nyungwe Forest National Park though the rolling , via the vast tea plantations and very many more beautiful attractions along the way.

There is no better way to enjoy the best of Rwanda than a trip to Nyungwe Forest. This rainforest may seem so thick and impenetrable with an aerial view but is very  much penetrable and numerous activities are done through the forest, like primate trekking, nature walks, hiking and all these are easily done since there are no thick dense underground vegetation. Mumwe African Skimmer Safaris organizes special tailor made safaris to Nyungwe forest daily either with solo travellers or group safaris at very affordable rates.

History of Nyungwe Forest National Park

The park was established in 2004 and it covers an approximate of 970km2 of bamboo, rainforest, grassland, bogs and swamps. Cyangungu is the nearest town to the park and this particular town hosts a number of visitors heading for chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe forest National Park and many other activities at the park. Nyungwe forest is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa with a number of 15 trails , some of the trails are well detailed at the park headquarters which visitors can follow on hikes along with other activities one can choose from for the best rain forest experience in Africa

Attraction and Activities at the park

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee trekking tops most visitors’ lists to Nyungwe forest National Park and this activity is done daily all year through. Nyungwe forest has a quite a good number of primates that dwell there and these include the common chimpanzee, Ruwenzori colobus, L’Hoest’s monkey, Silver monkey, Golden Monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey, Red tailed monkey, Dent’s mona monkey, vervet monkey, olive baboon, Grey-cheeked mangabey and many others. For all visitors to the park for primate trekking safari need to book and buy permits in advance for the trekking, all trekking activities start off early morning with a briefing as the park headquarters and then groups proceed in the forest for the adventure. Please do not be deceived, this is no joy ride, the forest is covered with slopes and steep trails, therefore make sure to have carried enough drinking water and fit enough to complete the whole trail. For the adventure lovers, this is the best safari  in Rwanda you  can look at , a great experience in the rain forest of Nyungwe while having an opportunity  to  meet various primates of the forest.

Canopy walk

Enjoy memorable photogenic moments as you do the canopy walk or walk to the Isumo falls. As in the case with chimpanzee trekking all visitors for the canopy walk still need to meet at the park headquarters for a briefing and then precede in the forest the best hiking experience to the suspension bridge. The trails is approximately 50 minutes down the hill and then after crossing the canopy bridge you will need another 50 minutes back to the starting point. The igishigishigi trail is part of the canopy walk and it is this part that makes the whole magic about the canopy walk with view over the tree canopies. This trails runs to the Kamiranzovu Marsh with exciting bird watching as well.

Bird watching

Nyungwe Forest National Park features among the best bird watching destinations in the whole African with over 322 bird species including Albertine rift endemic species, Red – collared Babbler and so  many others . alongside bird watching, get chance to  see and marvel at 1,068 plant species ,  over 120 species of butterflies and so  many others. Many visitors on bird watching safaris in Rwanda , choose this forest because of its rewarding number of birds that cannot be seen anywhere else in Rwanda. While on bird watching tour, get a chance to  view a few mammals that dwell in the forest and the most common ones are the Cerval cats, mongoose, congo clawless otter and the leopard to name but a few. Many of these mammals tend to shy away,so  viewing them can be by chance, therefore you  need to have your camera steady and ready  in case you  sight any.

To book a primate trekking safari in Nyungwe Forest National Park, send us an email we shall be glad to  organize for you  an awesome safari in Rwanda.

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