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We are glad to welcome to Mount Elgon National Park featuring the 4th highest Mountain in East Africa. The park is situated along the top of Mount Elgon which is an extinct Volcano with an altitude of 4,327 meters high above sea level. Mountain Elgon occupies an area of about 1279 square kilometers, about 1110 square kilometers portion is situated Uganda and 169 square kilometer portion is in Kenya. Trekking Mount Elgon offers a chance to meet with the wonderful scenic crater covering an area of over 40 kilometers at the summit of the mountain and it is neighbored by a series of rugged peaks.

Historical Background

Mount Elgon National park was gazetted as a reserve by the British protective government in the year 1929. However, after independence, the reserve has been experiencing reforms note until it was declared a national park in 1992. The park covers areas of Sironko, Mbale, Suam and Kapchorwa district as the Uganda’s Portion. The first Eruption of this extinct Volcano took place about 24 million years ago. It is important to note that Mount Elgon has the largest Surface area in the world among the extinct Volcano with about 50kilometers by 80 kilometers. The Highest peak of Mount Elgon is called Wagagai standing on elevation of 4321 meters.


Mountain Elgon experiences an average temperature of about 1270 mm of rainfall per year with about two seasons. The long-wet season is received in the month of March, April, may to June and short rains come in the months of September to November. The climate condition at Mount Elgon is characterized by chilly temperatures due to the thick Vegetation cover, the altitude and amount of rainfall received. Here you encounter with the cool climate conditions as well as Volcanic fertile soils that has led to ultimate growth of a diversity of plant tree species as well as vegetation patterns that vary depending on the altitude thus supporting to healthy wildlife species.

Location of Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon national park is situated on the border of Uganda and Kenya. The park is about 140 kilometers northeast of the famous Lake Victoria. Mount Elgon acts as a significant water catchment for Nzoia river flowing to lake Victoria and a catchment for River Suam which flows into Lake Turkana.

Best Time to visit Mount Elgon

The best time to visit Mountain Elgon national park is during the dry season that favors rewarding trekking experience on Mount Elgon. However it is important to note the park is open and ready for tourism throughout the year. During the dry season, the roads leading to the park and trekking are dry easy to navigate through compared to the wet season when the roads are wet, muddy and slippery difficult to navigate through. The dry season is experienced ion the months of June to October and December to full day of February.

How to get to Mount Elgon National Park.

The park can be accessed by road depending on your location in Uganda. From Kampala capital city of Uganda, it is about 240 kilometers along the Jinja- Mbale highway. From Murchison falls national park, the park can be accessed via the Lira-Soroti road going through Mbale and then Kapchorwa covering a distance of about 290 kilometers. From Kidepo valley national park to mt Elgon, you go through Kaabong, Nakapiripirit then Kapchorwa covering a distance of about 180 kilometers.

Major activities and attractions in Mount Elgon National park


Delight in an opportunity to enjoy bird watching in Mount Elgon national park. the park is an excellent destination to enjoy birding especially to all bird lovers. Mount Elgon is a home to over 300 bird species that are spotted in the secondary forest reserve of Kapkwai and thick shrub along walking trail of loop trails taking you to the Cheptui waterfall. Here you spot lovely birds like Chubb’s Cisticola, Baglafecht weaver, black Kite, African blue Fly-catcher, Cinnamon Bee Eater, Olive and Bronze napped Pigeons, Chinspot Batis among others.

Mountain Hiking/ Trekking/ Nature Walks

Hiking Mount Elgon offers you a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty of the crater lake at the summit of the Mountain. And during the trekking adventure, grab a chance to view a diversity of numerous wildlife including the amazing primates such as monkeys, birdlife and various tree plant species. The walking trails lead you to ancient caves, viewing points to the wonderful waterfall like the mesmerizing Sipi falls,  among others.

Cultural Experience and community walks

Delight in the chance to explore the local communities plus the coffee farmlands close to the park, here you get an insight to interact with the local people learn more about how coffee is processed into a final product consumed in the various restaurants across the global. On the slopes of Mount you encounter with typically Arabic coffee grown. It is important to note Uganda is one of leading countries to produce finest washed Arabic coffee followed by Kenya. This is partially to the existence of Mountain Elgon whose condition favors the growth of the wonderful cash crop.

Grab a chance to explore the authentic and amazing culture of the Bagishu cultural and historical experience especially when a young youth boy being initiated into adult hood where he under goes through teenage boy circumcision.

Wildlife Viewing

On a tour to Mount Elgon National park, you have an opportunity to encounter with the forest wildlife populations such as; Forest Elephants, Waterbucks, Oribi, spotted Hyena, forest Buffaloes, Duikers, warthogs, as well as other unique small mammals at the summit of the Mountain. While trekking you meet with primates such as; black and white monkeys, blue monkeys, red tailed monkeys among others.

Accommodation facilities in Mount Elgon National Park

On a Uganda tour to Mount Elgon national park, delight in the unforgettable welcome offered in various accommodation lodges, camps and hotels situated with in and outside the park. these offer excellent and wonderful services and classic facilities that geared to cheer up your Uganda safari the ionic Mountain Elgon national park. accommodation facilities do range from upmarket to budget cost friendly options such as; Lacem lodge, Sipi River Lodge, Crown’s nest Rest Camp, Sipi Fall Resort, Masha hotel and Mount Elgon Hotel and Spa among others.

More information regarding a safari to Mount Elgon national park, you can contact our reservation team at or call us on +256-700135510 or Tel +256-414699459. Rent with us 4×4 safari vehicle with a driver to enjoy our customized Uganda tours to the park.

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