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We are a glad to present to you Kidepo Valley National Park, the Pearl of Africa’s most magnificent park that lies on the border corner of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan in the northeast. The occupies an area of about 1,442 square Kilometers offering a mesmerizing scenery that is incomparable to rest of the national parks in her mother land. The wonderful park is situated far away from Kampala compared to the rest the parks but it hosts Hidden Mysteries allowing you to enjoy long lasting memories in the Pearl of Africa. Get lost in the glimpse sight of the vast spectacular Savannah Landscape while on a game drive experience in the isolated park.

Kidepo valley national park is famous for the unique extinct wildlife species spotted in impressive numbers in the wilderness giving the park an insight to be one of the most outstanding virgin places to explore for wildlife lovers in Africa. A Uganda safari to the park promises an exceptional and authentic rewarding cultural experience where you grab a chance to encounter with unique tribes such as; the great Karamojong. IK tribe, the Acholi among others.

Historical Background

The name kidepo was derived from the Dodoth pastoralist word “kidepo” which means “to pick up”. Originally kidepo valley national park was occupied by IK Farmers as well as the Dodoth Pastoralists before the initially gazetted by the Colonial British government in the 1958 as a game reserve. The park was gazetted with a core value of conserving and protecting the unique wildlife animals from the Illegal hunting practices as well as stopping clearing of the bushes in the name of controlling tsetse flies. The indigenous tribes that initially settled in the park where evicted and they had to relocate to other areas.

In the year 1962, the game reserve was declared a national park and renamed Kidepo valley national park after Uganda acquired its independence.


Kidepo valley national park lies within the northern corner of Uganda close to Karenga in Kaabong district. It is situated about 220 kilometer off northwest of Moroto town which is nearest and largest town with in the sub region. From Kampala capital city of Uganda to the park, you cover a distance of about 520 kilometers by road taking the northeast direction of the Uganda.In the north western corner, Kidepo valley national park stretches its boundaries adjacent to international Frontier with Bira and Abuts in South Sudan.

Attractions and activities in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Delight in an insight to enjoy a wide range of activities that have been launched for exciting tourism experience such as; wildlife viewing, walking safaris, Hiking in the adjacent mountainous areas, birding among others.

Apoka tourism Centre

Apoka tourism center is the core hub for tourism experience in kidepo valley national park and gives out tasks for the Apoka tourism center. Apoka hosts the UWA offices of the park where all visitors do make clearance of every tourism activity in the park. it is at this point that a ranger guide is collected to join you on game drive experience as well as walking safaris in the park. Apoka offer safaris vehicles for hire especially trucks that can rented by all travelers that do not have their own transport to enjoy a game drive experience.

Apoka houses a wonderful gift shop fully stocked with handcrafted souvenirs and book. Here you as well encounter with a mini bar well stocked with alcoholic beverages and non-Alcoholic drinks like sodas, water among others. the place is an ideal spot for camping and cooking gas plus utensils can be hired to all travelers that prefer to cook themselves.

Apoka is home to both up-market and simple budget accommodation like the UWA budget cottages, Apoka safari lodge- Luxury, Apoka Rest camp among others. the place is a perfect place for game viewing, Apoka is dotted with a manmade where a diversity of wildlife gathers to quench off its thirsty and cool off the irritating heat during the hot season.

Kidepo valley and Kanangorok Hot Springs

Kidepo valley is known for the little wildlife due to lack of surface water in the region. However, despite the above factor, kidepo valley is worthy a drive safari that allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of dry river with about 50 meters wide and filled with white sand and its showers with Borassus palms. Adjacent to the kidepo valley is the Kanangorok hot springs situated about 11 kilometers away from the river. At this point grab a chance to view the mesmerizing mountains beyond the Frontier.

Narus Valley

The Narus valley is one of the most rewarding regions dominated by rolling grassland landscape surrounded by distant mountains. The Narus valley features permanent waters through out the year one of the reasons why you encounter with impressive populations of wildlife in this region while on a game compared to Kidepo valley. The valley has numerous game drive trails connecting to four route circuit allowing you to explore the Narus valley close to the famous Apoka tourism center. Here you meet huge numbers of various wildlife such as; populations of Lions, herds of buffaloes, giraffe population, Oribis, hartebeests, reedbucks, warthogs, elephants among others. cheetahs and leopards can be spotted in the park though rarely spotted in the park.

It is important to note that, game drive experience is extremely rewarding at the water hole close to the Apoka tourism Centre and as well as the Narus dam. Enjoy fascinating game drive safaris at these spots during the dry season of the park. without forgetting the hazardous zones of Katuruma Kopjes, Katurum loop offering you a chance to enjoy spectacular scenic beauty of the north over the Morungule mountain Ranges.

Mount Morungule

The mountain is stands at an elevation of about 2750 meters adjacent to Narus River which sustains the wildlife populations in the park. The Morungule Mountain demarcates the southern boundary of the park and it is situated a few kilometers from the Apoka Plains in the north east. Delight in an awesome walking safari or an interesting hiking experience to the summit of the mountain allowing you to explore Mount Morungule with experienced Ranger guide. The mountain slopes is famous home to the wonderful tribe of the IK people which is the smallest group in Uganda with a unique interesting authentic culture.

Lomej hills

Kidepo valley national park is one of the perfect spots to enjoy birding in Uganda. Enjoy a memorable bird viewing experience as well as wildlife viewing at the Lomej Hills. Wildlife such as the Mountain Reedbuck are notable around this region.

Namamukweny Valley

The valley is another birders haven with exciting bird species such as; the Eastern Paradise Whydah, Abyssinian Roller as well as Green Wood Hoopoe, white crested Turaco, common Bulbul among others.

Lonyili Mountain

The mountain lies on the border of Kitgum and Sudan Border. It is dominated by the beautiful montane forests harboring exciting primates such as; the white and black colobus monkeys. It is important to acknowledge that place is so remote and roads are in a very poor condition. Therefore, to explore this place you need to rent a 4×4 strong safari vehicle. Feel free to contact UWA Offices for any updates about the roads before your drive to the mountain.

Accommodation lodges in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Kidepo valley national park is blessed with a diversity of outstanding accommodation options where you stay when you take a visit to the amazing park. Accommodation facilities range from Luxury, Mid-range and Budget options such as; Apoka Safari Lodge, Nga’Moru Wilderness, Kidepo Savannah Lodge, Simple UWA Cottages, Apoka rest Camp among others offers excellent hospitality services and facilities. Upon arrival at your booked Lodge, you are welcomed with friendly and welcoming staff that offers you a wonderful service with a smile. Contact our reservation team to assist you book a suitable accommodation for your Uganda Safari to Kidepo Valley national park.

How to get to Kidepo Valley National Park.

Kidepo valley national park is famous for the impressive huge abundance of wildlife but due to the park being isolated it has been less explored. It is important to note that the roads in kidepo valley national park with a few improved marram roads that lead to the park which are easily passable regardless of the season and weather.

The Park can be accessed by both Road and Air transport depending on your budget and safari interest. By Road, the journey from Kampala capital city is 12 hours’ drive to park. And by air transport, there are numerous Scheduled Flights by Aero Link operate safaris to various parks of Uganda. From Kajjansi airstrip- Entebbe, it is a 2 hours flight to kidepo airstrip, upon arrival you take a short drive as you transfer your booked lodge in the park. Kidepo valley national park is situated in remote areas and it is very far from Kampala therefore the only best way to arrange a visit to the park is through contacting the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices to book your activities or go through a local trusted Tour Operator like us to assist you organize the dreamlife adventure experience in the park. we offer you a car with a skilled professional andEnglish-speaking driver and assist organize all the activities.

Best Time to visit Kidepo Valley National Park

The Park is open to all travelers throughout the year but the best time to go is during the dry season in the months of June to October, December to February. The dry season is the best time to enjoy game viewing, here you encounter with a diversity of wildlife concentrating at the permanent water hole in the Narus valley. However, don’t forget to carry your sunglasses and an African hut since the dry season is always very hot with an average temperature of about 27.5 degrees Celsius. In the dry season the Roads are easy to navigate through and little or less rain is expected to interrupt your safari activities.

However, the rainy season can be the great time to travel with short rains expected in September to December. This is the low season where you budget travelers enjoy discounted rates from both lodges and Tour Operators. You need a 4×4 safari Wagon Vehicle in the rainy season since, the Roads are wet, muddy and slippery difficult to navigate through during the wet season.

For More Information regarding your Uganda safari to kidepo valley national park contact our reservation team to assist arrange a memorable experience in the kidepo jungle adventure experience. Send us an inquiry at or call us on +256-700135510 or Tel +256-414699459

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