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We are glad to welcome you to Kibale forest national park a home to extremely interesting numbers of primates in the Pearl of Africa. Are you planning a Uganda safari to Kibale forest national park? Here is the park guide to assist you with important information about the park, the attractions, how to get there, where to stay, the best time to visit and which Tour Operator to use and enjoy a dream life safari in the primate park.

Historical background and location

Kibale forest national park is known as the best spot destination to enjoy chimpanzee trekking experience in Africa. The park occupies an area of about 795 Square Kilometers sheltering the mesmerizing beauty of the tropical forest that features a diversity of exciting wildlife such as the notable 13 primates.  Kibale forest was gazette in 1932 and established in 1993 to protect the massive logged forest reserve. It forms a continuous forest extension joining queen Elizabeth national park. Book with Mumwe African Skimmer Safaris your safari to the Kibale forest and grab a chance to explore the eco-tourism destination.

Geographical location

The primate park is situated in south western Uganda with a tropical forest cover that occupies the northern and central part of the upraised Fort Portal plateau. Kibale forest is found on a raised land with an elevation of 1590 meters above sea level close to Fort portal town in Kabarole district. Delight in an insight to encounter with the Batoro tribe of people with their Kings Palace situated in the center of Fort Portal town.  The town is the residential home to Mugabe King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru who is the current King to the Toro Kingdom. The Batoro kingdom has the Youngest King in Uganda.

Tourist attractions and Activities in park

It is important to note that Kibale forest national park is a great home to about 13 primates with about 1450 individuals of chimpanzee being the most notable in the tropical rainforest. Other wildlife includes; black and white monkeys, olive baboons, Grey checked Mangabey, Blue monkeys, the Endangered Red colobus monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, pottos, bush babies among others. The park is as well as one of the great spot destinations for bird watching experience with over 325 different species of birds. In this article, we present to you the attraction and activities to enjoy on a Uganda safari to Kibale.

Chimpanzee trekking experience

With out forgetting that chimpanzee trekking is the famous major key activity done in Kibale forest national park.  The park hosts the largest population of chimpanzees among the habituated primates with the park. Visiting Kibale forest on a Uganda safari allows a chance you to enjoy the most fascinating tracking experience as well as the chimpanzee habituation adventure. Chimpanzee trekking in the park start very early in the morning with briefing at Kanyanchu UWA headquarter park reception. While trekking delight in a chance to meet with some of the nocturnal primates such as; the bush babies and pottos especially on the night forest walking safaris in the park.

Wildlife viewing

Besides the fascinating primates in Kibale forest, get a chance to get close to some other wildlife species that call the thick forest their home such as; forest Elephants, lions on a luck day, golden cats, leopards, serval cats, bush pigs, forest buffaloes, warthogs, bushbucks, giant forest hogs, sitatunga and swamp otter, marsh mongoose, African Palm civet among others. On a nature walk safari along the bigodi Swamp you get a chance to meet impressive wildlife like elephants, golden cats among others. It is important to note most of the wildlife spotted in Kibale forest national park occasionally migrates from the adjacent Queen Elizabeth national park.

Bird watching experience

With the over 375 different species of birds, Kibale forest national park prides in being one of the incredible birdingdestinations in Uganda. Here, you encounter with the endemic ground thrush bird species such as; western Tinker bird, Olive Long-tailed Cuckoo, African Grey Parrot, blue breasted kingfisher, brown crested Alethe, black bee-Eater, black-capped Apalis, white napped pigeon, African grey parrot, purple-breasted sun bird among others.

Ndali – Kasenda Crater

Also known as the Kibale ndali Kasenda crater lakes,delight in a chance to enjoy the tranquil scenic view of the lake. chimpanzee trekking experience offers you an opportunity to explore the Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lake scenic beauty as addition experience on your Uganda safari. The crater is close to about 60 stable seasonal fresh water lakes such as; lake Nyinambuga, lake Nyinabulitwa, lake Mubiro, Lake Nyabikere, lake Lyantonde among others.

On your way to the crater lake, you get an opportunity to the glimpse sight of the thick vegetation cover, scenic views of Mt Rwenzori ranges, the spectacular views of the tea plantations plus other wildlife like the butterflies, monkeys, birds among others.

Butterfly experience.

A safari to Kibale allows you to encounter with over 250 colorful different species of butterflies which are spotted in the primate park.

Accommodation facilities in Kibale Forest National Park.

The park features a diversity of accommodation facilities situated both outside and within the tropical forest. These range from budget options, mid-range and luxury options. At the lodge, delight in a chance to encounter with friendly and welcoming staff that offers a service with a smile. Some of the accommodation lodges include; Primate Lodge Kibale-luxury, Nyinabulitwa resort and safari camp, crater valley Kibale, Kanyanchu river camp, Lake Nkuruba, Kibale safari lodge, Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve, Chimp nest, Kibale Forest Camp, Safari hotel bigodi among others.

Best time to visit Kibale Forest National Park.

The park is open to visitors through out the year although the best time to visit is during dry season when the walking trails are not wet, muddy and slippery thus trekking becomes easy. The roads leading to the park are also easy to navigate through compared to wet season when they become wet and slippery. The dry season is experienced in the month of June to October and December to full end of February with limited rainfall expected to interrupt with trekking experience in the tropical rainforest of the park.

How to access Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale forest national park is very accessible with numerous routes that link to the park. From Kampala capital city to the park, it is a 5 hours’ drive to Kibale forest national park while covering a distance of about 308.1 kilometers on road. On your way to park, get a chance to explore pearl of Africa taking either the south or northern direction. The southern route is when you go through Kampala- Mbarara-Kamwenge direction to access the park. For travelers that fear sitting in the vehicle for longer hours, you can opt to jump on a scheduled domestic flight in Entebbe international airport.

By contacting our reservation team here at Mumwe Safaris, we assist you to customize your Uganda safari with a visit to the magical Kibale national park for the unforgettable dreamlife memories in the pearl of Africa where you delight in a diversity of fascinating activities like chimpanzee trekking experience or chimpanzee habituation one of the key activities best done in the park. Send us an or call us on +256-700135510 or Tel +256-414699459.

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