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Jinja is situated in the Eastern region of Uganda, east of Kampala and along the northern shores of Lake Victoria near the source of the White Nile. It is approximately 81km by road from Kampala and one of the largest towns in Uganda. It is a major tourist and industrial centre and its economy is one of the largest in the country.

Jinja has the world’s longest river 6670km journey from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea. A drive to Jinja passes through one of Uganda’s natural forest Mabira, Ssezibwa Falls a Buganda heritage site, small towns, sugar and tea plantations of Kakira and Lugazi.

There is much less jam in Jinja than in Kampala and a cold breeze blowing in from the Lake Victoria which can be viewed along the main street. A hydro electric power at Owen falls dam which was completed in 1954.It has a warm climate all year round, good accommodation, adventure activities at Bugagali, friendly weather, and good restaurants with a wide variety of cuisines, craft shops and art galleries there is also a backpacker’s accommodation and camping in the nearby towns. A boat ride from the source of the Nile gardens out to the nearby Samuka Island is another special way of seeing the town.

In November 2011 the completion of the Bujagali Dam submerged several of the large rapids above the dam but rafting trips shifted their start point to below the new dam and extended further down the Nile. Jinja became popular in 1996 when commercial water rafting commenced on the upper reaches of the high volume river Nile.

Several adventure activities can take place on the river Nile and bujagali like white water rafting this has made bears the name of east Africa’s centre for adventure, all terrain adventure, horse riding safaris besides the Nile, bungee jumping, bird watching, boat cruising on Bujagali falls, fishing trips, mountain biking, Scenic flights along the Nile, golfing by the Nile. To book or inquire about a tour or rental car contact us at or call us on +256-700135510

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