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Nyanama, Muzito Road off Entebbe Highway +256-700135510

Group tours vary from 9 – 30 people or more,  a number of people like travelling in bigger groups in buses or mini vans, checking out interesting and popular sightseeing destinations, here at Mumwe African Skimmer safaris, we love to make a group travel more intimate and so much relaxed yet very adventurous. Therefore do not leave your family and friends out, for your next trip to Uganda, our group tour packages have got you covered. When you join a group for your travel, it makes your trip livelier especially if you were travelling as a solo tourist. It becomes easy befriending people and you get to know your fellow travellers pretty well.

Enjoy shared costs on group tours and double fun with our packages, ranging from luxury group offers, group camping tours, and school study. Travelling in small groups of nine or eight can be very  organized and authentic, you can all stay  in a homestead, make stops to  enjoy enroute meals and roasted food. Spend less time on tripadvisor looking for how to go about with your trip, we have been there, we have handled the tour before, we are going to make your group a memorable one.

Get in touch with us today and book yourself a group tour.

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