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Why Hire A Tourist Vehicle For Your Next Safari In Uganda

Why Hire A Tourist Vehicle For Your Next Safari In Uganda

A tourist vehicle is famously known as an automobile car commonly used for off beaten safaris to the national parks, research projects, camping tours or filming. It is paramount to acknowledge that there is a wide range of cars that can be hired for all your transportation needs but you have to bear in mind that not all cars are fit for safari adventures in the national parks of Uganda. Not all vehicles do offer the same functionality,  comfort or security on the road like a tourist vehicle. Some of the recommended tourist vehicle on the road include; 8-seater tourist van, portable compact Toyota Rav4, 6-9 seater safari land cruiser.

Here below, we present you need to hire a tourist vehicle for your next park safari in Uganda this season;


Pop up roof

A tourist vehicle is designed with a pop up roof feature that gives you chance to clear game viewing in the Savannah parks of Uganda while on a game drive safari as you explore the park. This is one of the top reason you need to hire a tourist vehicle for your next road trip in the safari parks of Uganda.


Comfortable seating

All tourists vehicles are build with comfortable seats with enough leg room space to enhance you stretch whenever you want, they do feature enough luggage space that can accommodate all your cargo in the rear. We thus guarantee ultimate comfort through out your road trip which is part and partial for any successful safari.

Cargo space

Regardless of whether you are family, group or solo planning a long vacation in the Pearl of Africa, there are various categories of tourist vehicles that will accommodate you and all your luggage, on this note, this gives you chance to seat comfortably and relax on your safari in Uganda.


Customised and extended body

Safari vehicles features a strong impressive exterior body that has the ability to manage all climatic conditions and this is not the case with other types of vehicles, this alone is enough to build your confidence, relax, experience the desired comfort and stress free road trip adventure.


Eye catching and customised interior body

The tourist vehicle has a well designed interior with impressive features like an air conditioning system MP3 player systems, flexible seats, build fridge for cold drinks, charging system, sliding windows and these attributes spices up your experience on a safari Pearl of Africa.


  • wheel drive mechanism

All safari vehicle have a 4×4 wheel drive mechanism which is a great ideal to rent for a Uganda safari, just like any other station wagon car that brings force to all its wheels to move simultaneously hence the ability to manage all road conditions and terrain in the national park. Due the 4 wheel functionality, a tourist vehicle will always be able to navigate through wet, muddy and slippery roads in the park and in the remote areas.


Incase you are planning for an excellent Uganda safari this season, we argue you to think about hiring a 4×4 tourist vehicle for all private transportation needs, this can be Safari land cruiser or safari van, to book with us a tourist vehicle for your next Uganda safari, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our travel experts by sending an email on or call us on  +256-700135510 / +256 414-699459 to speak to our reservation team

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