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What To Expect On A Safari Holiday In Uganda   

What To Expect On A Safari Holiday In Uganda  

The Pearl of Africa is one of the premier safari destinations offering outstanding unique tour experiences to all travelers, Uganda is an authentic playground for all nature and adventure lovers, here below, we provide you a clear insight on what you should expect on a safari holiday in Uganda in 2023.

 A diversified landscapes

On your Uganda safari holiday expect to encounter extremely varied landscapes ranging from plain Savannah to more rugged terrain in the western region dominated by a diversity of game, unique colorful bird species plus fantastic primate species. On this note therefore expect to delight in a classic Savannah plains game drive, trek through the misty rainforest jungles where you get chance to get close to the human cousins, enjoy a traditional boat ride, groove on an outstanding birding adventure with about 1050 bird species recorded in various habitats including the prehistorical shoebill stork that loves to feed in the swampy areas.


Gorillas in AfricaCatch glimpse of stunning wildlife densities

Game drives in Uganda offer a unique private experience as you get chance to sight a diversity of enthralling animals found in the different safari parks. Expect to encounter the intriguing big five animals like Lions, leopards, Elephants, African caped buffaloes and white rhinos at Ziwa rhino sanctuary. Each safari park offers you a unique wildlife experience that is incomparable. When it comes of primate tours, Uganda is still the best with over 500 chimpanzees population, about 1500 chimpanzees giggling the forest tree canopies of Kibale forest national park, other chimpanzee sanctuary include; Kalinzu, Ngamba island, Kyambura, Budongo among others.

Besides the chimpanzees, Uganda is a famous top destination for gorilla trekking experience with about 500 mountain gorilla population surviving in the misty Bwindi forest, almost half of the population and about 19 habituated gorilla families ready for gorilla tourism. We cant say it all, but on a holiday safari in Uganda, we guarantee you an excellent wildlife encounter that gives birth to long-lasting memories.


Hospitable people plus their authentic cultures

We cant ignore the fact that Uganda is home to enormous tribes each blessed with a fantastic culture, there about 50 tribes with a diverse range of ethnic groups though dominated by the Bantu speaking group of people, you will encounter the Bantu in the central, east, west and the northern region hosts the Nilotic group of people. There are over 40 languages spoken namely the Luganda, Swahili, English which is the most spoken official language all over the country. 85.5% are christian, about 12% are moslems plus a few Hindus and Sikhs. On your holiday safari in Uganda, enjoy encountering with the Batwa group of people settled at the edge of Bwindi forest, these are known to be shortest people in world, they exhibit a fascinating traditional culture through songs and dances once you take a visit to their community. There is an endless list of exciting cultural sites where you can get chance to learn more about the people of Uganda and their amazing culture, their hospitality speaks for itself right from the time of arrival at the airport with impressive smiles offered by almost everyone at the Airport.


Huge beautiful water bodies

Due to the fact that Uganda is located in the great lakes region, almost 44,000 square kilometers is occupied by water bodies, the most outstanding being lake Victoria- this is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Lake Kyoga , lake Edward, Lake Albert, Lake George plus the ionic Lake Bunyonyi – the second deepest in Africa and most beautiful dotted with 29 islands including the punishment island,   most of these water bodies are tress pass through some safari parks therefore you get chance to delight in a breathtaking boat cruise that takes you to experience the beauty of the park and also enjoy viewing the amazing wildlife. Water bodies like the Nile River go through Murchison falls national where it squeezes itself through a narrow gorge to form the Murchison waterfall- one of the most beautiful waterfall in Uganda. Therefore on your holiday safari, expect to encounter many water bodies that have influenced a lot of thrilling adventure activities like white water rafting on the source of river Nile, boat cruise on Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park, a traditional canoe ride on Lake Bunyonyi among others.


Expect to either enjoy a guided tour or self drive safari

On your Uganda safari, you will either delight in a self drive road trip or a guided tour, taking a drive on your own gives you an exceptional experience such as; freedom, independence, and flexibility, the safari can start any time of the day and you can save some dollars. Whilst if you are searching a dreamlife safari adventure, we recommend you book a guided Uganda safari tour from a genuine tour operator as well as a well-trained professional driver guide who has knowledge about the country, routing and all safari destinations. Though it is not easy to spot the right safari company, there are various ways you can use to find the right tour operator i.e you can google about them if they are registered with any tourism body like AUTO, UTB or review their repetition in trip adviser or carry out a price shopping about the cost of your preferred safari package, this gives you chance to select the right one.


In synopsis, that is not all we can say about what you should expect on a holiday safari in Uganda, our travel experts team is ready to paint a clear insight about a Uganda safari and is always available to assist you to plan a memorable trip, the team prides in offering tailor-made tours that suit your taste and style. Simply get in touch with our consultants by sending an email on or call us on  +256-700135510 / +256 414-699459 to speak to the reservation team.

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