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6 Reasons To Travel With A Guide On Your Safari In Uganda

6 Reasons To Travel With A Guide on Your Safari in Uganda

Travel around the African safari destinations has for many years been done through guided tours although self drive exploration is as well on the rise. Sitting behind a person that is familiar with the place one is visiting gives confidence to the traveler. Tour guides in Uganda help tourists get around the country and enhance the experience of their trips. Whether you are planning for a short or long safari, to a national park or around a city like Kampala or Jinja, it is important to hire a knowledgeable person to take you around. In this article, find important reasons why you should hire a tour guide in Uganda for your next trip.

Time management    

Time is a very important point to keep on the fingertips in doing everything. And in regards to travel, time management is very important and can affect a lot.  Always ensure to carry on the activities of the itineraries according to the plan of the trip otherwise, some activities would be missed. However, if you are on a tour with a safari driver, be assured to have all your tour activities done on time. These people already know the distance to be covered and can therefore plan well for all the journeys. They are aware of the time of almost every activity at different destinations.

Communication with local people

As you plan to travel to Uganda, remember that it is a heterogeneous country with people of different tribes. Many use their mother tongues although somewhat a big population can perfectly use English. Travelers are likely to experience situations where they need to communicate with the locals yet they may not be able to use English. With a local safari driver, there is no worry about communicating with such people at the destination during the tour.

Amazing sights for wildlife viewing

During activities like game drives in the plains of Uganda’s savannah parks, tour drivers take tourists to areas where they have high chances of spotting more animals and sighting rare-to-see wildlife. The unmarked tracks of these parks look so alike and new visitors may have difficulty in getting around the place to fully explore the wilderness.

Roads and signage

Uganda has a good road network connecting the main cities to different parts of the country in the east, west, north and southwestern. Be aware however that many other roads out there are still in poor state and require a certain level of experience or familiarity to go through them. To travel without any worry about such, simply hire a safari driver to take you to all destinations of your interest.

Knowledge of the destination

A tour guide provides in-depth knowledge of the country and every local destination visited during the tour yet you may not get a chance to know as much while on a self drive tour.

Liability when there’s an emergency

When you opt to travel with a safari guide for your Uganda tour, all liability is transferred to the hands of the driver/tour operator unlike when you hire a car for self drive which means that liability is in your hands. In case of accidents or other emergencies like damages on the car while on a guided tour, the driver is responsible and he knows what to do to help you have your safari continue.

Being a tour guide comes with a deeper sense of responsibility to the assigned tourists. They focus on offering the best to the people on tour. With the above points, we highly recommend tourists to travel with safari guides for their upcoming tours in Uganda. Contact us today through  or call +256-700135510/ +256-414699459 and move with a wonderful safari guide for your next Uganda safari.

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