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Explore Uganda’s first class bird watching sites on the 12 Days Uganda Birding Safari with Mumwe African skimmer safaris. This 12 days birding tour in Uganda offers an opportunity to see some of the interesting bird species out of over 1,000 species in the country. Mabamba swamp, home to the rare shoebill stork is one of the famous birding sites in Uganda. The tour also takes us to Murchison falls national park, Budongo forest, Kibale forest including Bigodi swamp and Bwindi Impenetrable forest where bird watching tours are exceptional. These places as well offer breathtaking sceneries of landscapes in the surrounding and chances to spot Uganda’s exciting wildlife like the primates and other mammals.

Safari highlights

  • Day 1: Birding at Mabamba swamp/ bay
  • Day 2: Transfer to Murchison falls national park
  • Day 3: Game drive and Launch cruise
  • Day 4: Birding at Budongo- Royal Mile
  • Day 5: Birding atalong the main road past Busingiro
  • Day 6: Transfer to Kibale forest national park
  • Day 7: Chimp tracking
  • Day 8: Birding around Kibale
  • Day 9: Transfer to Bwindi forest national park
  • Day 10: Bird watching in Ruhija sector – Bwindi
  • Day 11: Birding in Mubwindi swamp –Bwindi
  • Day 12: Return toKampala

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Mabamba Swamp

Mabamba swamp is located on the northern banks of Lake Victoria about 15km from Entebbe. We therefore start our journey early after breakfast to the site. The swamp is one of the most visited birding sites due to the remarkable experiences it offers. It is the best and most reliable place to see the shoe bill stork, often spotted searching for a meal in the lushswamp.We go straight to the starting point where we meet the site guide to take us for the canoe ride to locations where the shoe bill stork is likely to be spotted that day.

Also, look out for other bird species including the papyrus gonolek, Blue-headed caucal, Northern Brown-throated weaver, Pygmy goose, Common Moorhen, African Purple swamp-hen and African water rail among others.

After the tour, visitors are droppedback to their hotel in Entebbe or Kampala

Day 2: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park

Meet the safari guide after breakfast and set off for the 5-6 hours journey to Murchison in the northwestern part of Uganda. Drive through the suburbs of the capital and the Luwero triangle that holds legendary history regarding the bush war of the 1980s. A variety of birds can be seen along the way before we break off for lunch in Masindi. Proceed to the park and drive straight to the Top of the falls for a heartwarming moment at this amazing site. Enjoy the thunderous sounds from the force of water getting through the 7m gorge and splashing over the place.Later on, transfer to the lodge for a relaxation, dinner and the overnight.

Accommodation options: Paraa Safari Lodge-luxury, Pakuba Lodge- Fort Murchison lodge-midrange, Heritage safari lodge-budget

Meal plan: Lunch and dinner

Day 3: Game drive and Boat cruise

Get up early and have breakfast, then head out for a game drive around the plains, woodlands to areas around the swampy Lake Albert.A wide variety of game is expected to be seen during the drive including lions, elephants, buffaloes, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Oribi, giraffes and waterbucks among others. Some of the birds commonly spotted during the game drive are the Abyssinian ground hornbill, Marabou storks, secretary birds, open billed stork and Black-bellied stork among others. We return to the lodge, rest a bit and get our lunch just before going for an afternoon boat cruise along the Victoria Nile.

The 3 hours boat cruise on the Nile is a great opportunity to look out for water birds like kingfishers, ducks, geese, stilts, plovers and raptors among others. Besides the birds and animals like hippos, buffaloes and sometimes antelopes and giraffes seen during the cruise, travelers get delighted at the scenic views of the Murchison falls watched from the bottom where the boat makes the U-turn to Paraa docking area. We get back to the lodge for dinner and the overnight.

Day 4: Birding at Budongo forest- Royale Mile

Budongo Forest is a part of the Murchison Conservation Area, the largest forest in Uganda and home to various wildlife including primates like chimps, monkeys and baboons and over 300 bird species.The Royal Mile in Budongo forest is the most popular area for bird watching and birds to look out for here include the White-shouldered Black tit, African dwarf, Black scimitar bill, Cinnamon-breasted bunting, Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike, Tropical boubou, Cassin’s hawk eagle and many more.

Black and white colobus monkeys and baboons are common sightings and a lucky day offers a sighting of chimps. Relax at the lodge in the evening, have diver and rest overnight.

Overnight at Masindi hotel

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 5: Bird watching along the main road past Busingiro

After breakfast at the lodge, move to Busingiro and start searching for some of the birds around this place. It is a great birding site with species such as the Cameroon somber, Hoeny guide, Pale-breasted Illadopsis, Red-tailed bristle bill, Yellow-browed Camaroptera, Scaly-breasted Illadopsis, Grey parrot, Tambourine dove, African Emerald and Crested Guinea fowl among others.

Dinner and overnight at Masindi Hotel

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 6: Transfer to Kibale

We check out of the lodge after breakfast and set off for the long journey to Kibale. It is an adventurous road trip full of watching beautiful landscapes, driving through the busy road side towns where different activities are carried out daily and stop overs at some points to look out for birds. Kibale National Park is an outstanding place for several activities for nature enthusiasts; chimp tracking and bird watching. Lunch en route and on arrival at Kibale, check in at the lodge, have dinner and prepare for the next day’s primate tracking in the forest.

Accommodation options: Primates lodge (luxury) Turaco Treetops (midrange) Chimpanzee Guesthouse (budget)

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 7: Chimp Trekking in Kibale

We raise up early, have get our breakfast and move to Kanyanchuto register, get guidelines and enter the forest to search for chimpanzees. The group is led by an armed ranger guide to take us through the trails to locations where the chimps are expected to be found. Once we spot them, we spend a maximum of one hour learning about the chimps, observing their behaviors and watching them play around the forest. Kibale is home to other primates including the black and white colobus monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, L’Hoest monkey, red colobus monkey and olive baboons among others some of which may be sighted along the trek. Lots of birds call this forest their home, for example the African pitta, Grey-winged robin, White-naped pigeon, Red-chested fluff tail, Masked Apalis to mention but a few. Several of these are seen during chimp trekking.

Get back to the lodge, have lunch and enjoy a relaxation viewing the beautiful sceneries around the region.

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 8: Birding in Bigodi swamp and community walk

After breakfast, we visit Bigodi swamp formerly known as Magombe swamp by the locals. It is one of the top bird watching sites in the western region with over 200 bird species and an array of butterflies.Look out for the Great blue turaco and papyrus gonolek in Bigodi. Birding around this site also rewards with sightings of White-headed Wood Hoopoe, Narina Trogon, Cassin’s Honey bird, Tinker barbets, Masked Apalis, Mountain Wagtail, Purple-headed Starling, Pink-footed Puffback, Black-and-White fly catcher, Blue-throated roller, Honey guide bulbuls, Dark-backed weaver and more.

Sometimes monkeys and other mammals such as sitatungas are sighted at the swamp.

Optional activity of a community walk in the evening

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 9: Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Check out of the lodge after breakfast and set off for Bwindi national park where approximately half of the surviving population of the endangered mountain gorillas live. The transfer by raod via Queen Elizabeth national parktakes about 6 hours to Bwindi. Arrive at Buhoma and enjoy a longlunch break to relax and rejuvenate after the road trip and later on go for a guided walk in the evening along the Munyanja River trail. It is possible to spot the shinning blue kingfisher. Connect to the waterfall trail where you canspot the Chapin’s Flycatcher, Dusky-blue flycatcher, Ashy flycatcher,McKinnon’s grey shrike and yellow-eyed black fly catcher and many other stunning birds.

Dinner and overnight at preferred lodge in Buhoma

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 10: Birding in Ruhija – Bwindi

We check out after breakfast and drive to Ruhija sector for a special birding on a quite higher altitude. The hike requires some energy to climb and is perfect for adventurers with some interest in mountain climbing. This area has an impressive bird life composed of species like Augur buzzard, Archer’s Robin Chat, Collared Apalis, Cassin’s Grey, Toro olive greenbul, Red-throated Wryneck, Bronze Sunbird, Yellow Bishop, White-naped raven, Collared Apalis, Purple-breasted Sunbird and Scarce Swift.

Dinner and overnight at the preferred lodge in Ruhija sector.

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 11: Bird Watching in Mubwindi swamp –Bwindi

Wake up to the misty clouds of Bwindi offering breathtaking views of the canopy of the tropical forest, take a cup of coffee and head drive to the starting point of the birding tour to Mubwindi swamp. Hit the 4km trail and enjoy a superb bird watching experience full day. It is takes us through varying terrains from 2,350m to about 2,050m, take the best shots of the picturesque sceneries.

This birding site is best if you want to see some of the rift endemics like the Archer’s robin chat and the Regal sunbird. Also look out for the Rwenzori Apalis, Grauer’s Rush Warbler, African hill babbler, Rwenzori Hill Babbler, Eastern Mountain-Greenbul, Montane Nightjar, African green broad bill, white-headed Wood hoopoe,Fraser’s Eagle-Owl and African hill babbler.

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 12: Leaving Bwindi for Kampala

It’s our last day of the 12 day bird watching safari. We raise up and have a delicious breakfast at the lodge, check out and drive via the dotted lake Bunyonyi in Kabale to capture its lovely views. Continue the journey through Mbarara to Masaka and Kayabwewhere we briefly stop for the exciting equator experience. Lunch en route and arrival in Kampala early evening. Driver drops off visitors at their hotel in Kampala or Entebbe or at Entebbe international airport.

End of tour

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